RetroChallenge 2018/04: Taking The Plunge!

I just found out, thanks to Epooch’s blog, about the RetroChallenges that John W. Linville hosts.

Now that I’ve returned to the of proud Apple ][ owners, this event seems like a perfect catalyst for putting aside my 30 years of excuses and learning 6502 assembly.

First up, diving into Assembly Lines: The Complete Book. The desired end state? Building the Spy Hunter-inspired driving game I longed to create circa 1985!

We’ll see how impressive it ends up being with only a month (of spare time) to dedicate to it, but I’ll be happy to complete a version 1 with a “car” you can steer, obstacles you can avoid (and/or shoot?!), and some rudimentary scoreboard of sorts.

Stay tuned, April 1st is one short week away!1

  1. This should be fun, amusing, a train wreck, or some blend of the three. 🙂