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Stay Classy, World Wide Web

It's been a long time coming but needed to be done.

As someone who put off "figuring out" CSS for far too long, relying instead on boilerplates, frameworks, and incessant tinkering to get what I needed for my web projects, Simple.css has served as a perfect tool for deferring getting reacquainted with my old "friend" CSS for as long as possible, so I could focus on the rest of the stack.

I wholeheartedly thank and commend Kev for creating, releasing, and maintaining such a solid tool, managing to produce good-looking output, from classless HTML, via a minimalist stylesheet. It really is great for prototyping.

But, in the spirit of facing my fears and, more seriously, bolstering my skill set while slimming down my CSS to ONLY what I am actively using, I finally built my own CSS framing.

It's called "noclass" and will serve as the basis for all of my web page-generating applications going forward. I will complement it with one or more appropriately "classier" stylesheets as the situation demands (think "jorts" to "jeans" to "khakis" to "slacks"). I am happy with actually having started toward making my apps' total data file size smaller and thus (very slightly) faster. And, of course, most importantly, I enjoy being able to laugh at stupid wordplay in the process! :)

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