Failure To Launch

I truly do believe that every failure, if you learn from it, is a stepping stone on the path to success. Not that it isn’t painful; it hurts to admit I can’t always pull off everything I set out to achieve (at least not right away).

I’ve learned a couple of key things from this particular failure.

First, is that I need to be far more rigorous in breaking down tasks into concrete, atomic, achievable units. I also need to improve my approach to logically grouping the sequence of, and contents contained in, each milestone. To remedy this, for future projects, I am dead set on getting my project methodology (from promising idea all the way to Pomodoro work blocks) ironed out this weekend.

Second, I cannot, in good faith, delude myself into thinking I can work on multiple projects at one time. In addition to my day job and family obligations, I have room for only one side project of significance. I’ve withdrawn from RetroChallenge 2018/09 in order to focus on development of the next evolution of my Post Notif WordPress plugin. I REALLY wanted to work on improving the game I’d created during April’s RetroChallenge. But my plugin takes priority this month and its progress has been suffering because I am spread too thin.

By meticulously adhering to an adequately detailed task plan and a corresponding schedule for executing it, I should be able to complete a project in a month’s time, reassess my list of potential next projects, and then choose another one to work on the following month. This will focus me on making meaningful progress on a specific project while not forcing me to feel like I’m stuck working interminably on it, as I’ll know that four weeks later I’ll be working on something fresh.


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