RetroChallenge 2018/09: Back At It!

It’s a whole new installment of John Linville’s RetroChallenge but it promises to be the same terrific motivator for me that the April event was.

Per my conclusion post, from April, I already have a lengthy, soon-to-be-prioritized, list of features and improvements to make to my 6502 assembly-written driving game.

In addition to continuing to reference Assembly Lines, I am happy to report that I have acquired a (very hard-to-find) hard copy of Hi-Res Graphics And Animation Using Assembly Language, which I expect to be leaning on extensively, particularly when it comes to improving the game play via enhanced graphical motion.

Once again, due to my incessant optimism (in the form of terminal underestimation of level of effort), I know the month will fly by, but I’m eager to see what I can get done to make version 2 more fun to play than the original.

Stick around to see what Merlin spits out!


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