Post Notif – Tear It All Down To Build Something Better!

I’ve been talking about building the successor to Post Notif for more than a year now and finally have a plan mapped out to accomplish it. I will not be de-activating Post Notif immediately but will phase it out, over time, encouraging people to move over to the new plugin, as they feel comfortable doing so.

I have learned a lot in the 3+ years since I first released Post Notif v1.0.0. This includes exposure to better development practices, how to effectively interact with a large (at least to me!) user community, identifying which features are most useful to the most people (and, conversely, which are not important and probably not worth the effort to develop, test, and maintain), as well as adjusting to the ever-evolving WordPress landscape itself (GDPR and Gutenberg, anyone?!).

I had a lot of success with my RetroChallenge project, in April, by publishing a “this is what I’m PLANNING to get done this week” post on Sundays and a “this is what I actually GOT DONE this week” post on Fridays, so I am going to emulate that here, with development of “Post Notif v2” (as I’ll call it for now)1. After some fits and starts in the past several months, my plan is to build this, over the course of the month of September, to a releasable state.

An integral part of making sure this project is successful is help from the user community. To that end, I will be soliciting help, assistance, and feedback from both those who’ve kindly already offered it (in the Post Notif support forum on and/or via email) and anyone else willing-and-able to test out “beta” versions of this new plugin, as it takes shape over the coming weeks. I’d love to get feedback, on what works and what doesn’t, from a variety of site owners, particularly since most of the issues that have cropped up, over the years, with Post Notif, have been due to the vastly differing combinations of themes and plugins people use on their sites. It’d sure be nice to iron out as many of these kinds of problems, as possible, during initial development!

Expect to see a post, spelling out the first week’s plan, this weekend.

  1. I’m simultaneously doing the same for RetroChallenge 2018/09, so you’ll see those posts, here on the blog this month, interleaved with the Post Notif v2 posts.

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