RetroChallenge 2018/04: Week 3 Plan

Week 3 of the RetroChallenge is upon us now and, with it, a sense of urgency to seriously buckle down and crank out code!

As a result of diving far too deeply into the Applesoft shape table routines, in pursuit of the —> ultimate <--- player's car graphic, I failed to get to several of the tasks I had slated for completion in Week 2. So it comes as little surprise that those tasks have landed back on my list for this week:

  • Write code to animate the (initially) hardcoded set of obstacles, as they scroll downward (implying that player’s car is driving “forward” on road)
  • Write code to animate the (initially) hardcoded set of targets, as they scroll downward
  • Generate shape table data for intended collisions (with targets)
  • Generate shape table data for accidental collisions (with obstacles)
  • Write collision detection code
  • Write code to display appropriate collision graphics, dependent on type of collision

Fortunately, I had a bit of buffer deliberately built into my schedule, but I’m bound and determined to get these completed this week!

OK, enough said; back to work I go!


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