RetroChallenge 2018/04: Week 2 Recap

Friday night and time for my Week 2 recap. This week I:

  • Addressed long distance branching issues that surfaced at the tail end of last week
  • Wrote code to keep player’s car within horizontal boundaries of the board (i.e., on the “road”)
  • Made road lines double width (so they appear white instead of purple)1
  • Generated improved shape for gas can (target)
  • Generated (MUCH) improved shape for player’s car

Here’s an updated screenshot of the game board:

RetroChallenge 04/2018 #2

I have become very well-versed in the inner workings of the Applesoft shape table routines, though now that I am working on animating the individual graphical elements, I am going to have to discard most, if not all, of these shapes and switch to programmatically turning on/off individual bytes on the hi-res page itself. The silver lining of this being that it may render moot the issues I have at present with disproportionately sized objects (the player’s car and target object are huge compared to the obstacle object and the overall road).

I continue to make forward progress, though due to a few time-consuming snags I hit this week, I’ve been forced to push several tasks to next week.

  1. You’ll see, in the screenshot below, however, that there is a portion of the left line that renders green; I’ll have to iron that out.

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