RetroChallenge 2018/04: Week 2 Plan

I am thoroughly enjoying this project, one week in, and am eager to get started on the next set of tasks!

So, without further ado, here’s my plan for what I intend to bust out during Week 2:

  • Write code to keep player’s car within horizontal boundaries of the board (i.e., on the “road”)1
  • Address long distance branching issues that surfaced at the tail end of last week
  • Write code to animate a (for now) hardcoded set of obstacles, as they scroll downward (implying that player’s car is driving “forward” on road)
  • Write code to animate a (temporarily) hardcoded set of targets, as they scroll downward
  • Generate shape table data for intended collisions (with targets)
  • Generate shape table data for accidental collisions (with obstacles)
  • Write collision detection code
  • Write code to display appropriate collision graphics, dependent on type of collision

OK, here we go!

  1. It IS tempting to allow the player to swerve all over the place but it rapidly litters the screen with annoying artifacts!

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