RetroChallenge 2018/04: Week 1 Recap

Alright, one week down, and I have to say I’m relatively pleased with how things are progressing. Specifically, in the first week I:

  • Wrote code to draw game board (“road”, NOT including a lane line, at least for now)
  • Generated plot map for player’s car
  • Generated plot map for other car (obstacle)
  • Generated plot map for gas can (target)
  • Generated shape table data for player’s car, obstacle car, and gas can
  • Wrote code to populate shape table
  • Wrote code to draw shapes from shape table
  • Wrote code to capture player’s keyboard input (to control “steering” of player’s car)
  • Wrote code to redraw player’s car in appropriate position on screen (within “road”) based on keyboard input

Here’s a screenshot of what the game board looks like presently:

RetroChallenge 04/2018 #1

I have a lot to digest, as I plan for Week 2. First up, dealing with some challenges around forced branches over long distances (i.e., more than 127 bytes). Fun stuff. 🙂


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