RetroChallenge 2018/04: Week 1 Plan

My target for each week is to publish a “this is what I’m PLANNING to get done this week” post on Sundays and a “this is what I actually GOT DONE this week” post on Fridays.

However, with Easter falling on the first day of the RetroChallenge, that didn’t happen (though I still managed to get through another couple of relevant [i.e., related to hires graphics] chapters of Assembly Lines).

So, better (slightly) late than never, here’s my plan for what I intend to accomplish this week (Week 1):

  • Write code to draw game board (“road”, including lane line?)
  • Generate plot map for player’s car
  • Generate plot map for other car (obstacle)
  • Generate plot map for gas can (target)
  • Generate shape table data for player’s car, obstacle car, and gas can
  • Write code to populate shape table
  • Write code to draw shapes from shape table
  • Write code to capture player’s keyboard input (to control “steering” of player’s car)
  • Write code to redraw player’s car in appropriate position on screen (within “road”) based on keyboard input

Let’s get rolling!


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