Post Notif v1.3.0 – At Long Last, Shortcodes!

Happy New Year!

For once, I am going to actually keep one of these release posts brief.

Post Notif version 1.3.0 is now available in the usual locations: the plugin directory, on its GitHub page, and here, on this site.

The main driver behind this release was the (long overdue) introduction of a shortcode to render the Post Notif subscriber form. With this version, admins can now tailor the placement of their subscriber forms within posts, pages, widgets, or any combination of the three.

At the risk of repeating myself, here is a comprehensive list of what’s new:

  • Added the [post_notif_subscriber] shortcode, with a bevy of configurable attributes, to tailor each use of (and support multiple uses of) the shortcode in a post or on a page
  • Added two new sections to the plugin settings (Settings >> Post Notif), to define shortcode default attributes and messages
  • Added the ability, for admins who are CSS-savvy, to specify a separate stylesheet to use with either the standard widget or the shortcode-generated subscriber form, allowing them the ability to target individual element ids or entire classes (for wholesale restyling of the subscriber form)
  • Added the @@postcategory variable, for use in the subject and/or body of the post notification email template

This is going to be the last minor release for Post Notif. I will continue to ship point releases, as-needed, to address bugs, add translations, etc. I feel like the shortcode was the last piece of functionality that Post Notif was really missing. So I will be shifting my development focus to other things in 2018. As always, please do let me know, either here, or in the support forum, if you run into any strange behavior with this release.


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