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  1. Hi, I’ve just changed my theme on soundslikewish.org and all my previous ‘likes’ have disappeared and reset to zero. That’s not a big problem, however, the statistics for ‘Local Like and Share’ are all there when I click on statistics, even though they don’t show on my blog posts or in a widget. Can I fix this myself?
    Another small problem: the ‘like count’ speech bubble is no longer next to the heart, but over the heart, and therefore it isn’t clear how to like a post. How can I move the bubble away?
    Thanks very kindly,
    Trish Worth

    1. Hi Trish,

      Thanks for using Local Like And Share! I’m sorry to hear that switching themes has caused you heartburn. 🙁 It sounds like the data is all still in your database (since you say you see it when you go to LLAS >> View Statistics). Without knowing which theme you’re now using, it is hard for me to guess at what the root issue is. If your new theme uses the standard WordPress widget structure you should be able to see Local Like And Share as an option in the Available Widgets under Appearance >> Themes (from the admin dashboard). As for the like count overwriting the heart (like) icon, that sounds like a theme-related CSS issue. If you’d let me know what theme (and version) you’re now working with, I will try to take a look and see if something jumps out at me.


      1. Hi Devon, Thanks for your response. My theme is twenty seventeen. I don’t have many likes but even if the counter shows 2 or 3, it’s better than 0, which is what the counter shows now on every post except the last couple. Hope you can help, Trish

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