Post Notif v1.1.5 – Style Your Widget The Way You Want It!

OK, I’ll keep this brief; after waffling for (literally) months about what to include, what should have top priority, and how to handle translations in various states of maintenance and active support, version 1.1.5 of Post Notif has been released. It is available from the usual sources: the plugin directory, on my GitHub page, and here, on this site.

The primary new features in 1.1.5 consist of an expanded list of configurable settings for the Post Notif widget, namely the ability to:

  • Set First Name as a required field
  • Modify First Name and Email Address input field sizes
  • Override default theme CSS by defining:
    • Call to Action font family, size, and color
    • Placeholder font family, size, and color
    • Input fields (first name and email address) font family, size, and color
    • Error message font family, size, and color
    • Status message font family, size, and color

Additionally, the following has been repaired in this release:

  • Duplicate post notifications are no longer being sent when a post has multiple categories
  • Subscriber import (from file) is no longer erroneously failing on “invalid” categories
  • Email addresses containing “+” now work with personalized URLs

Finally, as a heads up to those who use Post Notif with non-English sites, this release marks the first one where translation files have been removed from the plugin package. Specifically, as they now have language packs (defined and maintained via the Polyglots team), all translation files for Czech and Dutch have been removed.

A special thanks goes out to Dan Heim for his suggestions related to additional widget settings and Frank for his tireless assistance in figuring out how to get language packs integrated into Post Notif and helping me determine the process+timing for hedging against English “leaks” in the translations; those who use Post Notif in Dutch will see that he managed to maintain 100% coverage in his translation as the plugin’s Stable version transitioned from 1.1.4 to 1.1.5.

There are some big improvements coming to Post Notif in the next release (shortcode and post notification send process configurability additions chief among them), so it will be released as version 1.2.0. If you’d like to see the features, fixes, and improvements slated for inclusion, target dates for each of these, or help out with testing the beta releases, please check out the development page:



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