Post Notif v1.1.4 – Czech It Out!

This release, coming quickly on the heels of the much larger version 1.1.3 release of Post Notif, is chiefly to include the Czech translation kindly provided by Jirka Licek. There is also a rather subtle improvement included, in the form of the email dashicon replacing the generic gear dashicon, for the Post Notif top level menu in the admin dashboard.

What this release also marks, longer term, is a change in the way translations will be managed for Post Notif going forward. Specifically, I am officially turning the future handling of translations over to the Polyglots. I no longer wish to be a bottleneck between the generous translators and those who’ve come to rely on Post Notif appearing completely translated (with no English “leaks”) into their preferred language, release after release. Instead, I will return all of my focus to promptly addressing issues raised by users and deliberately adding functionality that incrementally improves Post Notif.

I will post again once I have confirmation from the Polyglots that language packs have been created for each language Post Notif has a translation for, at which time I will remove the .po and .mo files from the ../post-notif/languages directory in the plugin package. If you would like to provide a translation for a language that has not yet been addressed or you’d like to help maintain an existing translation, please let me know and/or contact the Polyglots directly.

In the meantime, I continue to appreciate any and all feedback you have, so please let me know what you think.

And thanks again, Jirka!


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