Post Notif v1.1.2 (Dutch edition)

..And the releases keep rolling out!

This time it is not (entirely) to fix a bug, though Post Notif version 1.1.2 does contain a very slight update to a custom table CREATE statement (to adhere to a WordPress 4.6 dbDelta() KEY format change and thus avoid errors generated on plugin install or update).

The real focus is the addition of a Dutch translation to complement the existing German and Spanish. A hearty thank you to frankmaNL for supplying it mere days after the big Post Notif 1.1.0 release!

That’s it for the contents of this release; I hope this new translation is a welcome one for those of you who run your site(s) with Dutch as your base language.

Here’s hoping November has started out well for you and that we get a break from updates for a bit1!

As always, please do let me know if you have any feedback.

  1. Obviously, if you’d like to create a translation for a language Post Notif has not yet been translated to, by all means send it my way and I WILL roll out another point release!

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